Would you like to know why I use a photo to make your imprint keepsakes and not a wipe kit?

Its started because I care about my pets, I care about animals.

I didn’t like the idea of using the wipe kits on my pets or on my child. I am sure they are safe but it didn’t sit right with me.

I wanted to be able to use a process that was easy to use, no fiddly wiping and stamping on to paper. There is also no posting out prints and waiting to recieve them before I can start work on the piece.

All you need to do is take a photo of the paw or hoof and email it to me. Making sure that all of the paw /hoof detail shape you want captured can be clearly shown. Like in the photo below.

If you would like a hand or foot print of your child I can use a photo of a paint hand /foot print as it works better. Like the one below.

I can make prints for a variety of requests, even pig snouts.

I am working on a new product due to lots of requests, in some cases you may not always have a photo of your beloved pets paw so hopefully I can soon offer an alternative.