Firstly welcome to my new blog and my first blog post. I hope you will find my blog interesting reading. I will be sharing a little insight to the goings on here at nutty Heifer HQ and a little more about me Jo the owner.

It seems so long along now since I started my buisness. There has definitely been alot of changes along the way as I have evolved my skills and style.

My first jewellery making was around 8 years ago when I started making beaded jewellery and watch straps. It was just a bit of fun to do as a hobby.

After having a family I started playing around with making again and progressed onto using silver. I’ve always liked classic simple jewellery and I think that’s why I was drawn to using silver. I am very much lured to a high shine polish on a piece of understated jewellery.

So my retraining began and I attended some making workshop courses and online courses, and I am constantly training and learning more. I firstly worked with pre cut pieces of sterling silver and cutting my own designs from silver sheet. After purchasing some keepsake jewellery when my child was born I had always wanted to make something along the same theme of keepsake jewellery. So I did lots of research and started designing some ideas on paper and working out the best way to be able to turn these ideas into jewellery.

I kept seeing the art of using silver clay and eventually took the leap to have a go. Once confident in using the material I scarily invested in the equipment needed and hoped I could make a go of it. Sometimes you do just have to really believe in yourself and go for it, and I am so glad I did.

And really that is where I am at today with my business. I am truly passionate about keepsake jewellery and the special emotions and memories it evokes when being worn. I have heard some very heart felt stories about the reasons behind the pieces I have been asked to make. It feels such an honour to be apart of helping to treasure the memories.

If I can help you to find the perfect keepsake then please do get in touch and thank you for reading x