Have you ever thought when someone mentions photo shoot it sounds so glamorous?

When selling products online it is vital to have clear crisp images that really show of your products.

The best way I find to achieve that is by getting a professional photographer, especially with jewellery as it is very difficult to wear and take a great photo so an extra pair of hands or model is really helpful.

As much as it is really good fun and exciting to see the finished images for me I find it quite stressful. I also do not like having my photo taken so try to avoid it if possible.

I always have so many ideas to shoot so I have to be organised. I write a list of what I am wanting as on the day it is easy to get distracted and forget.

Weather can be a worry, ideally you want a nice bright still day as jewellery reflects different colours in the wrong light.

The last photo shoot I did with the lovely Brittany Gale Photography it was windy and icy cold. My hands went very red and blue in the cold ( not very attractive in a photo! ) and neither of us could undo the necklaces as our hands were so cold!

But the best bit about a photo shoot is receiving all the stunning images. It really inspires me when I have great images to show and makes me feel proud of what I create.

So keeping watching, as the next one is coming up soon!