I have created a hassle free way to capture your beloved pets paw print and imprint it into silver for you to treasure.  I do not require you to use any ink kits on your pet.  Not only is this safer for your pet, it also speeds up the process.  It is really simple, just a photo from your smart phone will do.

Give the paw a clean so no mud is visible. Ideally the paw will be dry. If your dog has hairy feet see if you can gently push the long hair into the gaps between the pads so the whole pads are clear to see.

Hold up the paw straight on to the camera so you can see the whole of the paw and each of the pads.  Try and photograph against a plain background of a contrasting colour if possible but it is not necessary. 

Give the paw a very gentle squeeze to open the pads slightly, this helps to get a good definition of the pads.  But do not worry, I can work with most photos.


If your pet is no longer with us to take a recent photo, I can still use a huge variety of paw prints from your dog you may have.  Feel free to email me via the contact page if you would like to check your photo usability before you order.

Once you have a photo you are happy with, chose the item you would like to order.  Place your order and send over your photo along with your name and order number by email via my contact page.