Ordering a keepsake piece of jewellery is very easy to do. Along with your order details I will need a photo of the print you would like capturing in silver.

This can be taken from a camera or using the camera on your phone which you will then email over to me.

The best image for the paw print and hoof print collections is a straight on photo containing the whole outline of the print and detail of the paw pads. Such as the image below.

A cow hoof print and also paw print if necessary can be taken from a muddy foot print. Such as the images below.

A hand or foot print can be taken by using child friendly non toxic paint. Using a dark paint onto a piece of white paper print the hand numerous times. Choose the print with the most detail, this is normally one with a medium amount of paint. You can scan or send the photo over of the print via email. Such as the image below.

If you are unsure if your image is suitable before ordering feel free to drop me a message and we can have a chat.