I thought i would give you an insight into the wonderful material I use to make my keepsake pieces.

Silver clay is made from recycled particles of fine silver metals. These tiny particles are mixed together with an organic binder and water to produce a clay like material.

This clay can then be moulded and imprinted in all sorts of ways to create personal one off designs.

It can be a tricky material to work with. It starts to dry very quickly so you have to be precise in your design and work quickly. It can also be prone to cracking when drying if you do not get the consistency right when working with it.

I have spent a long time practising using this material and also lots of trial and error! Once the clay has dried I sand, file and then fire the piece. After another good file and polish the piece is ready to wear. A beautiful piece of .999 fine silver jewellery.

What I like most about this material is that I can take a tiny ball of silver clay and turn it into the most beautiful creations. That me gives me a huge amount of satisfaction and I love hearing about how much you all love your special keepsakes to.

If you would like me to create you something special to, please do get in touch. X